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Years of experience: 23
Position: President

 David as a retired USAF officer with a Master's degree in Physics has the background, leadership skills, and education to lead any team to respond to proposal requirements effectively – in language the evaluators understand.  He has often said his main job is to “translate” what the engineers write into something the Government understands.  Along the way, he has developed tailorable training seminars and processes, based on industry best practices, which all of G&A’s consultants leverage to provide the right level of support for our customers. 
David's philosophy which is Grilley & Associates benchmark -          
   “Do It Right The First Time, Rather Than Do It Over”

G&A is a small, veteran owned, business that concentrates on the value and quality of our work. Our strength is the flexibility and responsiveness we bring to meet your company's situation and needs at an affordable price.

Proposal Management and Consulting

OUR MISSION statement

IS To provide quality proposal support that improves our clients

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